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Stock Investment Education and Tutoring Services

Our goal is to be the "Walmart of Stock Investment Education, giving all walks of life and all economic backgrounds the opportunity to learn how to trade and invest.

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James Ross Investment Strategies: Creating Opportunity and Adding Financial Literacy

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The Story and Credentials

James Ross Investment Strategies was founded on the premise of helping individuals learn the importance of building different streams of income, and giving a step-by-step understanding of how to create multiple streams of income. The stock market through penny stock strategies, and options strategies, are two focal points broken down in the downloadable products available for purchase. The ability to free yourself from employment, is the main driver for creating a hub for sharable knowledge used for building wealth.

Dr. James Ross is highly educated holding the following credentials:

Doctorate in Business Administration Financial Management Concentration

Master of Science in Finance

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Voorhees College

Project Management Certification




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